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Emergency Pediatric Dentistry

A dental emergency can strike at any moment - whether you're the unfortunate victim of a rogue baseball, took a fall, or have a sudden, unexplained toothache - dental emergencies are common and require immediate attention. Orthodontic emergencies (such as a broken bracket, snapped wire, or something stuck in the bracket itself) also require intervention by a dentist or orthodontist. Thankfully, you can rely on our pediatric emergency dentist and orthodontist in Bend, Oregon when the unexpected or unexplained happens. Our team offers same-day, after-hours, and weekend appointments to accommodate even the most ill-timed dental emergency. If your child is in pain, has a broken or cracked tooth, or has a broken orthodontic device, please call our office right away and come see us for an emergency visit!

Common Childhood Oral Health Issues

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Knocked-Out Teeth

Most children are very active, and that means that the potential for a tooth getting knocked-out is always there. Even if a baby tooth is knocked out, it can cause trauma to the gums and permanent teeth. This dental emergency needs attention right away. In some cases, we can save your child's tooth if treated within 1-2 hours of the injury. Come to our office right away to ensure the best possible outcome for your little one!

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Chipped & Broken Teeth

When a tooth is broken or chipped, nerves inside the tooth are exposed and can cause immense pain for your child, even if it is minor. These exposed nerves and roots also have a highy likelihood of becoming infected without treatment. Don't ignore a broken or damaged tooth- bring your child to Timber Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics right away!

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Lip & Tongue Lacerations

Injuries to the mouth, tongue, and gums will heal quickly - but large cuts or lacerations may require sutures. It is also possible that the injury that caused the cut could have caused further trauma to the teeth and gums. We recommend seeing our pediatric emergency dentist in Bend right away if your child excessive bleeding from a cut or laceration of the lip or tongue.

Same Day, Weekend & After Hours Visits

You're never alone in a pediatric dental emergency! Our caring and compassionate team at Timber Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics is here when you need us in the event of a dental emergency. Your child deserves the highest quality dental care, even if it's outside normal business hours. We offer convenient appointments for same-day, weekend, and after-hours to accommodate those untimely dental mishaps. As our patient, you'll always have access to emergency dental care in Bend. Give us a call now to discuss your child’s symptoms and let us know that you’ll be coming in.

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Crowns & Bonding for Broken Teeth

For minor chips and damage, dental bonding is a great way to quickly restore your child’s tooth and prevent further complications. We’ll apply a dental resin to their tooth and reshape it to fix the damaged area.

For major breaks, cracks, or other damage, a dental crown may be a better option. Crowns are shaped just like a natural tooth and they are placed over your child’s enamel after the damaged material has been removed. This supports tooth structure and protects your child’s tooth from further damage.

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Premature Loss of Baby Teeth

If your child has lost a baby tooth early, it’s important to get proper dental care. Early loss of baby teeth can result in issues when their permanent teeth erupt. Come to our office and we will place a space maintainer in the gap to prevent teeth from shifting and ensure your child’s mouth develops properly.

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What to Do with a Knocked-Out Tooth

If your child’s tooth is knocked out, it’s important to get help as soon as you can. To save a dislodged tooth, it must typically be replaced within 1-2 hours. First, recover the tooth, gently rinse it in warm water, and put it in a container of cold milk to keep it moist. Then, head to our nearest dental office ASAP to have the tooth splinted and replaced.

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